Tricky or high-tech builds: 7 questions to help you find the right contractor


August 30, 2017



Some projects are naturally more complex than others. If you’re embarking on a tricky or high-spec project – whether it’s a renovation, restoration or new build – these key questions will help you find a contractor that’s up to the task:

1. Have they worked on complicated, high-value projects before?
Looking at the contractor’s experience and references, is clearly the best place to start. Have they, for example, dug out large basement extensions or added additional floors on top of properties? If not, how will they cope with the complexities of your build?

2. Are they tech savvy?
These days, contractors need great technical skill to deliver the high-tech features clients expect in their properties. In particular, look for experience with state-of-the-art technology, like Lutron intelligent lighting systems, firewall curtains, intelligent sprinkler systems and Remote air handling units.

3. What specialist skills do they offer?
Complex projects often require very particular skills, like specialist stone masons or brick cleaners. Your contractor should therefore have a team of skilled craftsmen and tradesmen to call upon, as well as a proven supply chain who can deliver materials on time and advise on best practice.

4. Do they understand what you’re trying to achieve?
A great contractor has the ability to understand your vision for the project. Complicated and high-tech builds can throw up many challenges along the way, so the client, architect and contractor must be singing to the same tune from the start.

5. Are they insured for specialist projects?
Any reputable contractor will have insurance for contractual work, but that doesn’t necessarily cover specialist works or buildings. Check whether the contractor is fully insured for all the relevant aspects of your build.

6. What accreditations do they have?
There are a number of different certification schemes for contractors, but the key accreditations to look out for are from the Chartered Institute of Building and the Federation of Master Builders.

7. How is their relationship with architects and clients?
Have they worked with the same architects more than once? Would their clients recommend them to others? These are good signs that the contractor is both up to the task and a pleasure to work with – which is more important than ever on tricky or lengthy projects.

At Corebuild, we’re proud of our reputation for embracing those complicated, challenging and high-tech projects. Drop us a line to see how we can bring your vision to life.