Is completion date more important to clients than budget?


August 17, 2017



We at Corebuild work on a pretty diverse range of projects. But if there’s one thing all clients have in common, it’s that completion date is absolutely critical. In fact, in our experience, it’s often more critical to the client than the budget.

Why schedules reign supreme
You may think that residential projects offer more scheduling flexibility than, say, a school refurbishment, where the work has to be finished by the end of the summer holidays. But that’s often not the case. When it comes to people’s homes, they absolutely want/need to move in (or move back in) on time.

This is why, particularly on the kinds of high-end refurbishments, extensions and restorations that we work on in London, budget tends to be less of an issue than completion date. That’s not to say the budget isn’t key to the build as a whole – of course it is. It just means that completion date is often the main priority for our clients.

What this means in practice
With completion dates being so important, architects and contractors need to work together to deliver their clients’ expectations. For us, this means breaking every job down into a set of detailed timeframes with weekly objectives and completion dates, then reviewing these programmes with our clients, architects, surveyors, professional team and supply chain. You can view an example of one of our project programmes here.

Naturally, clients also have a role to play in ensuring a project is completed on time, especially when it comes to the myriad of decisions that take place throughout a typical project. We support our clients by creating handy to-do lists that highlight any actions they need to take, and deliver email alerts when certain actions are required. All this helps us stay on top of the schedule, no matter how complex the project is.

What’s your experience of London build and refurbishment projects? Would you agree that completion date is often the client’s top priority?

The entire Corebuild team is committed to making sure our clients get back into their properties on time – and on budget. Tell us about your project and we’ll be happy to help.