Frog rescue: Taking our environmental policy to a whole new level

Any good building contractor has an environmental policy that’s central to their work. For us, our environmental policy isn’t just about complying with the various regulations and codes of practice; it’s about minimising the impact of our work on the immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole.

This includes everything from reducing dust, noise and waste to creating detailed waste management plans on larger projects. But, because every project is unique, the local environment occasionally presents us with something we hadn’t planned for.

A toadally unexpected find
One such surprise leapt out at us on a project in London. We had dug foundations for a new extension as part of a prestigious residential refurbishment when, just as we were due to pour in the concrete, we discovered a family of frogs in the hole. Whether they had been living in that part of the garden already, or had moved in thinking we were digging them a lovely big pond, we don’t know – but it was clear we weren’t pouring any concrete until they’d been safely moved.

The foreman and the frog
The site foreman volunteered to gather up the frogs and get them out of the foundations, while the rest of the team enjoyed the show. Then, once all the frogs were rehomed in a neighbouring garden, where they wouldn’t be disturbed, we got on with pouring the concrete. The rest of the project continued without any surprises but, to this day, the image of the foreman cradling a frog still makes us smile. At least he resisted giving it a kiss!

At Corebuild, we think the small details are just as important as the big ones. Discover how our care and attention is valued by clients and architects (and the odd grateful amphibian) across London.